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Are you ready to ignite your soul, tap into your intuition, find more fulfillment and live your purpose? Let’s start by turning fear or doubt into actionable solutions.


Praise for Shian Chuan

After consulting with Shian, I was able to organize my thinking, put a framework together, and start working towards my goals. Each session with her helped me to discover more about myself and validated my ideas and beliefs. I eventually achieved a clearer understanding of my purpose. This process and journey could not have been attainable without Shian’s coaching.

Nimit P

Director, Microsoft

Coaching with Shian has been brilliant. She helped me to take more initiative in my life, to be able to enjoy the present and to worry less about what is coming up next. It’s allowed me to focus on my own values, increase self-awareness, reveal my strengths and clarify what I should focus on. She has helped me to remember what feels good and it’s added more enjoyment and satisfaction in my day-to-day.


Founder & Entrepreneur

Having reached a mid-career point, I wanted my next steps to go beyond ‘just another step on the ladder’  — My previous career progress hadn’t addressed the longing for deeper connections, stronger community contributions, and a more meaningful career.  Through our sessions together, while a global pandemic surged and social justice issues crashed ashore in the backdrop, I was able to take a step back and to look at the big picture — to examine my core values and the contributions I wanted to make with my life.  Most importantly, Shian helped me to FOCUS on how to create a fulfilling life, and what I can do to make meaningful impact in my chosen areas. Shian consistently gave positive feedback and constructive support, which helped to re-orient my energies from distracting problems to clarifying a more global vision of personal development.

I now have a framework, a timeline, and a greater understanding of my personal priorities.  This is hugely calming and empowering; it enables me to comfortably say “No, thank you” to situations (job and otherwise), which don’t match the vision.  In short, instead of just “going for that next great job”, I am finally living a more integrated personal-global connectedness, and working to make our world a better, happier, healthier place.

Vivian Hu Adams

Holistic Health Practitioner & Social Change Advocate  

When I began working with Shian, my primary focus was on becoming a better leader and supporting my entire organization in addition to creating a more open, inclusive, and collaborative environment. Shian was really great at taking unformed thoughts I had and making them clearer and concrete by homing in on the key issues. Shian brought her own knowledge and research on psychological safety into our session, insights which enabled our organization to shape our own content in this area. She enabled us to take a big step forward in organizing a framework for our company’s DEI initiative.  It was a huge contribution to the process. Our sessions helped me realize how messy things are when you’re trying to do something difficult – it is never going to go how you expect it to. I feel like I have now figured out how I can engage in the process of turning planning and abstract thoughts into concrete exercises for our team. Shian’s guidance and information helped us keep up team momentum and engagement; people are taking action in between meetings and the BIPOC staff are recognizing that the organization is committed to enacting change and building a culture of trust.

Allen Cheadle, PhD

Former Director & Founder of CCHE, Kaiser Permanente

Shian is just… SUNSHINE. As soon as you connect, you feel her light bringing you hope that anything is possible.

As an empath in the pandemic, staying home for months on end with a partner who has mental health issues (plus 2 adolescent kids) had me feeling like I was clinging to daily life, just trying to survive the grief. The work Shian and I did together gave me the support I needed to start supporting myself again.

The days of being so weighed down by uncertainty that I didn’t want to get out of bed totally disappeared. Thanks to Shian’s gentle shoves into intentional self-care, I created a mission statement to guide how I’d invest my time and other resources.  I learned that I needed daily grounding exercises to keep me anchored in my intrinsic worth, and now I’m equipped with tools to direct my focus. We’re going into our 7th month of quarantine in the Philippines, but because of these tools the Universe keeps delivering breakthroughs for me – at work and in my home.

Jennifer Simons - Castillo

Creative, Podcast Host & Marketing Executive

We hired Shian to help us think through a framework to make our platform focused on women’s life paths more actionable and interactive. Shian led us through a process of discovery, ideation and deliverables that ensured we were being true to our values and vision, while applying coaching best-practices. As a result of working together, we now have a powerful offering to lead women from inspiration to action. She was very easy to work with, insightful and inspiring. We had to do the whole process over zoom due to the pandemic, and her great energy came through even in that format. I highly recommend working with Shian!

Rebekah Bastian

CEO & Co-founder of OwnTrail

Most professionals would probably agree that the rise of the Coronavirus and development of a quarantined lifestyle has forced inward thinking. That time of solitude and silence has truly made me think about my purpose and desired impact on the world. Although I realized that I had not been where I wanted to be, I knew that I could get there with just a little push. I credit Shian for being my BIG push. 

Not only did I inquire her services during a pandemic but also at a time when the world realized that racial justice matters. As a black female professional, I realized how fatigued I had become in my role after speaking to Shian. She helped me to map out my long-term goals and to make sure that they would not be dismissive of who I am as a woman of color. Inevitably, she helped me realize that my work, voice and strengths truly do matter.

I am empowered to use my gifts, and even when met with some naysayers, I have not backed down and feel more equipped to face them. I also have increased focus and discipline on my priorities, and new opportunities are coming in overflow.  Shian has equipped me to take every actionable step into moving into a new season for my life.

Bria Brown

Artist, Podcast Host & Marketing Consultant

Coaching with Shian has been a fundamental self-discovery. I’ve learned how to truly slow down. I have realized that it’s much more than just speed and how many things I cross off on the “list”. I have realized what is truly important to me while having the focus to do less to achieve more. I call this mental model “my internal Zen”.

I now know what I can control and how to maximize my opportunities, while on the other hand, know what I cannot control and do not let it take away my happiness.

I have an internal sense of purpose, focus, and calmness. I feel free from self-doubt and insecurity, and confidently go for the big stars.

I am more confident at work. While my responsibilities have grown, I am a lot happier and less stressed. I have also started to take others’ feedback with a grain of salt, which was really hard before, given my Asian upbringing. I view this as a sign of growth and self-confidence.

I am settling into my “new self” as a result of our conversations. Thank you so much Shian for being deeply empathic, intelligent, and caring! Your strong passion for helping others has resulted in people like me being on my path to achieve my best, and happiest self. I’ve really enjoyed our sessions and would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for professional/personal growth and leadership development!

Chenying Yang

PhD, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

The first thing that impressed me about Shian was how heard I felt, even in the initial consultation. There came a point recently where I felt like I hated my job and I never wanted to go to work again. That’s when I sought out a career coach. I found Shian, and she was able to immediately dial into what I was feeling and speak to how she could help me get to the bottom of the issue.

As we started the actual sessions, Shian asked really targeted questions to help me articulate what I actually needed to thrive.  It was incredibly eye-opening. When I happened upon a new opportunity, I was able to put what I was learning about myself to work right away, asking the right questions to make sure that I wasn’t just running away from my current situation, but instead, was running towards what I wanted to be doing. 

This has really been one of the best career investments I’ve ever made.

K. Anthony

Instructional Technologist, Amazon

Shian has helped me gain greater consciousness over my strengths, attain tools to lead more efficiently and effectively at work, develop clarity over my long term, medium and short-term goals and to feel more confident over the choices I’m making in my career and personal life. Working with Shian allowed me to get through challenges at work with more ease by understanding more about communication styles, applying practical tips from her and through assuring that my actions are in line with my values, strengths and goals. Shian makes you feel understood; helps you drill deeper and is open minded while still guiding and leading.  For me personally, it was extremely helpful to have Shian reminding me of my action points and checking in on my progress. She’s creative and full of ideas and our sessions felt more like meeting with a friend. I enjoy working with her and highly recommend her to anyone looking for leadership or career related coaching.


Vice President, Financial Sales Executive

Shian is so personable, she put me at ease straight away. She asked me interesting questions and I found myself gaining new perspective and insight into my business and, more importantly, myself. Shian provided me with the tools I need to not only get started, but also to get back on track when life gets busy. Shian has given me the kickstart I needed to feel more confident, more focused, and more motivated to improve on my business. People ask me if I’ve cut my hair or started wearing a different makeup, because I look better and happier. I tell them, no, I’ve just finished a great coaching session!

Emma Cole

Entrepreneur & Writer

I engaged Shian’s career coaching service by chance but it was one of the best decisions of my life. From the intense questioning during our brief first meeting, I could tell that this person knew what she was doing. What followed was weeks of self-discovery that made me question myself about my values and what I was doing that made me unable to progress in my career. Since then, I have reaffirmed my strengths and set about monetizing them while adding value to people around me. Today I assist my clients in drafting powerful marketing collateral to allow them to bring their messages out to the world.

Jack Yu

Communications Executive, Entrepreneur

Shian has helped me make peace with a lot of anguish and pain that surrounded my past. I am in a place now where I will not hold myself back from pursuing what I want. Our sessions helped me become more honest with myself, so that I don’t hide behind the excuses of my family, opportunity drought, and job dissatisfaction. Shian is an amazing listener and was there to support me in every step of my journey. She has helped me clear out my head so I can see my goals more clearly. I am on a continuous journey now to learn and block out the negative energy in my life and spend my time figuring out what in life excites me the most. 

Dhiren Mehta


​I’ve always depended on family and friends for any career related advice, but soon realized it was hard to get unprejudiced opinions from them. I knew I needed an unbiased professional to be my sounding board and guide.

I am extremely lucky to have found Shian as my career coach. In every session I get personalized advice, strategies, and sage feedback from Shian; She is my own personal cheer-leader and is passionately dedicated to my progress. Shian is kind, compassionate, and insightful, while being very professional at the same time. She encourages me to expand my boundaries, gives me tools to develop new perspectives, and helps me find my best self.

I highly recommend Shian to anyone looking for ways to unlock their full potential and fulfill their dreams.

Aruna R

Senior Program Manager

The biggest benefit from working with Shian was enabling me to let go of psychic baggage I’ve been carrying around and make room for optimism and greater purpose. Our sessions exceeded my expectations.  Shian is very effective in listening for the emotion behind my words and making me aware of the energy I’m generating.  I learned so much about myself from each session which helped me open my eyes to the opportunities I’m letting go because of the fears and doubts I was unconsciously holding.  I’m grateful for Shian’s talents in asking the right questions as she helped me unlock what held me back along the way.  Shian’s program was vital for getting professional guidance in undertaking this journey of self-discovery. 

Helen V

Senior Program Manager

Shian is very familiar with the deepest layers of the heart and was able to pinpoint the exact words and imagery I needed to hear to make a major perception shift in the way I saw myself and those around me. I was struggling to see the value I provide, and Shian created a beautiful visualization for me on the spot to get to the root of this feeling and help me address it. I left our call feeling empowered and valued, and I was amazed at how she was able to cut to the heart of the matter so swiftly.

Hannah Exner

Founder and Entrepreneur, Women’s Wellness Movement

Every interaction with Shian–from her unique insights and tremendous ability to connect with people to her remarkable talent in inspiring people to nurture the values they stand for as they shape their careers–is an enriching experience. Through simple strategies and actionable plans her coaching helped me to laser focus, take courage to come out of my comfort zone, celebrate small wins, and clearly set my short/long term career goals. I highly recommend Shian if you are looking for an amicable and extremely resourceful facilitator to make an exceptional difference in your career!

Aravind Nair

Senior Program Manager

Shian comfortably helped guide me in my own decision-making process. She has the ability to put you at ease, quickly identify your aspirations, and help determine pros and cons of your potential paths. In doing so, my career path became obvious and I have a positive outlook on my decision and future. After struggling with career decisions and opportunities on my own for so long, Shian was the defining factor in helping me make the best decision. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to better themselves.

J Morrow

Dental Surgeon

Since working with Shian on many aspects of my personal and professional life, my professional and social life has continued to flourish. I have a much more positive and proactive attitude at work which has been noticed by many of my colleagues. I have also gained self-motivation and more energy, successfully hitting my short and medium term goals related to finance, health and my personal development. Every day I wake up motivated to make my vision boards a reality. Even my health and immune system have improved! I have lost 17 pounds in a few short months since January 2015 and now, it only takes me a few days to recover from a flu, whereas I used to feel extremely tired for much longer periods.

Since knowing Shian, I have gained a self-confidence and strength that I didn’t know I had before. I am generally much more excited about all aspects of my life and look forward to a great future.

Shian is always so encouraging, friendly and a true cheerleader for my all round well-being. I am so thankful to have her in my life. Shian is undoubtedly the most influential and supportive person in my life.

Samantha White

Organizational Development Advisor

Shian’s coaching is excellent and is helping me to develop patterns that enable me to be a more effective leader at work, in my community and at home. I sought out Shian’s help to build on better habits and decision-making strategies that support that vision due to her expertise in neuroplasticity and behavioral science. Our work on mindset and frameworks for success is particularly helpful and the most recent coaching session was literally a break-through session for integrating one of the most critical areas of my life toward realizing my life vision.

John Schmelzeis

Director, Microsoft

Working with Shian has been amazing. She helped to uncover my primary performance barrier right at the first session itself, one that I did not even realize existed! I love that she didn’t teach how I ought to be thinking/ feeling/ doing. Through the sessions, she skillfully guided me along in structuring my thoughts, identifying my values and formulating realistic action plans to live the way I want to live. Since it all came from myself, the commitment to carrying out what I said I would do is so much higher. I also love how the sessions with her are so thought-provoking that I experienced plenty of a-ha moments in between the sessions. Best of all, Shian was very attentive and figured out my learning style very quickly, and so was able to recommend specific strategies to help me strengthen my conviction in what I want to do.

I highly recommend Shian to anyone who’s feeling stuck in life, even (or especially!) if they don’t know why. Thank you, Shian for helping me find my belief in myself, and my ability to self-direct my growth for the rest of my life.

Sin Ee Ho

Healthcare Administration

I found Shian to be caring and genuine in her approach to helping me overcome obstacles that I was not able to overcome myself. Shian helped me to uncover the reasons for feeling ‘stuck’ and worked with me to remove the ‘stuck’ feeling from my life. Shian was compassionate and empathetic in working with me around these issues and I cannot imagine trusting anyone else with such sensitive information and she showed integrity and professionalism in her delivery of services. I highly recommend Shian to anyone looking for ways to unlock their potential and move forward in achieving their life dreams.

Nicole Stuart

National Client and Compliance Manager

I have been given invaluable tools that help me control anxiety and unwanted thoughts. Shian has taught me how to clearly focus on my thoughts and feelings, which in turn gave me many light bulb moments. I know myself on a much deeper level and feel more connected to my family and my inner self. I’m starting to trust my own judgements and I’m taking much more ownership and responsibility to which direction I want my life to be heading. I really am very grateful to Shian for pulling me back into reality and for being so much fun to work with. Many, many thanks!

Nicky Glover

Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

I was grateful to have found Shian to be one of my guides. She is passionate about helping others, uses questions effectively and is calm in her approach. Through relevant dialogue, she helped me develop new perspectives, identify root causes, and build skills to regulate my emotions through very targeted practices. I feel more in control of myself after our initial session together. Now, we are continuing to work together to re-enforce these skills through focused intentions. I doubt I could have created these results myself, even with age and more experience, without Shian’s help and guidance. I am most grateful to Shian for offering me a different way of seeing and interpreting. Highly recommended.

Charles Chang

Co-founder and Entrepreneur

I wholeheartedly recommend Shian Chuan as a professional coach or trainer with regards to self-management and life choices. I engaged Shian’s services to see how she would be able to help improve my productivity and life issues. Shian is poised, professional, and personal enough to touch on key issues in life that are cornerstones to authenticity and happiness. She does not push her views, and manages problems in a constructive manner. When dealt with objections or irrationality, she is patient and not quick to judge. She is calm, and understanding and recognises the need to guide instead of dictate.

If you are willing to see what kind of guidance she can offer you and tackle issues in a systematic fashion, she will help untangle the complex intricacies that may weigh your life down; helping you to regain your confidence in life again.


Technology Entrepreneur

Shian, she was able to help me pin down my goals and redirect my mindset and actions toward a positive trajectory. Her genuine spirit and empathy are unmatched. Her insightfulness and natural ability to coach and motivate are both impactful and inspiring. In her holistic approach, she focused on my specific needs then defined a clear roadmap to help me overcome my personal roadblocks and open doors to new possibilities. Thanks to Shian, I now have greater mental focus and confidence in my abilities and am well on my way to reaching my goals.

Mia Hakim

Corporate Communications Leader, HP

As a coach, Shian has the magical ability to penetrate each individual’s motivations and tensions in order to unlock their fullest potential. She is masterful from the first meeting and can amazingly adapt her style to each individual’s needs. In my case, she was able to help me identify my goals, create action plans to achieve them, and held me accountable for delivering against my own goals. At the same time, she worked relentlessly to penetrate any mental, emotional, and physical barriers that were shrouding my path to success. Every session with Shian is worthwhile and will tell you more about yourself than you ever thought possible. I highly recommend her.

Tue Le

Fortune 100 Global Brand Manager

Shian has empowered me to find my authentic voice and confidence. She has helped me identify strengths I haven’t appreciated as much as I should and build on those strengths to realize I already am the person I want to be – I just need to give myself the permission to be that person. What I like most about her style is that the conversations are free flowing, and I can trust Shian with my innermost thoughts.  I’ve always felt respected and honored in our meetings

Jen L

I appreciated that Shian listened and acknowledged the emotional component to what I was sharing. She never judged the situation and she asked probing questions to get to the root of why I was sharing a specific example and the associated emotion. That was helpful because the probing questions dug deeper to why I was feeling a certain way. She also provided strategies as to how to navigate the situation. She helped me to calm down, slow down, and quite the noise from things/people/projects that don’t directly impact the projects I’m working on.

Jessica Tran

Ph.D, User Researcher