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Power Your Purpose by Shian Chuan

Here are just a couple of case studies of how Power Your Purpose has made a positive impact on readers:

Now more than ever, we need tools and inspiration to find balance in our lives, our businesses, and our communities.

Shian draws on her skills as a successful businesswoman, coach, healer, and fellow human being to present a beautiful framework for creating that balance. Her personal stories coupled with precise formulas make this book accessible, enjoyable, and practical. It is a compassionate guide to flourishing in an age of pandemics, climate change, and social unrest. Shian shows us that our highest goods are not in conflict; when we honor our own inner voice and the nature that surrounds us, we align with our purpose and unite to form a better world together. 

Alyssa Luboff

Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.

Philosopher and Meditation Guide

I feel like in today’s professional environment, certain tenets and personal characteristics are celebrated, like having a non-stop hustle mentality. I read Power Your Purpose  as less a story about how to climb the corporate ladder, and more a story of how to come to terms with one’s soul, one’s spirit and master one’s internal world, which will then translate into a happier, more joyful external world, whatever that may look like, from the prism of career and professional satisfaction.

Overall, Power Your Purpose contained some much needed messaging for individuals, leaders and society. It was well organized, and was an easy and enjoyable read.

Eden Tol

Eden Tol

Vice President, Financial Professional 


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