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This empowering book helps leaders reshape the world through their inner leadership journey. It gives readers the language and clarity around their own purpose and how they want to manifest change in themselves and in the world, focusing back on their individual guiding light, values, and purpose.

Through Shian’s personal journey and her client stories, she shares how to translate struggles at work and in society into a renewed sense of strength and balance. Through her 6-step ALIGN’D Method and sustainability model for lasting transformation, discover the blueprint for bringing global systemic change to fruition through your journey from Me to WE.


“This book provides much needed messaging for individuals, leaders, and society.”

-Eden Tol, VP, Finance Professional

Your Leadership Journey: From ME to WE

Find your individual purpose.

Let go of control and own the journey by focusing on internal biases and stepping past fears.

Unlearn the “work hard and keep your head down” mentality to find success.

Break down fears about expressing your opinions and ideas.

Better advocate for yourself; build your brand.

Exercise your internal values within your organization to make a larger impact in society.

Lead with courage, vulnerability, and authenticity.

Mitigate gaps in communication/understanding to form stronger bridges with those who hold differing opinions.

Unlock greater connection with others and alignment within yourself.

Create a more open, inclusive, collaborative environment to support your entire organization.

Master your internal world, which translates into a happier and more joyful external world.

This book was not your typical “how to be a corporate leader” book, but rather, a book that helps us focus back on our individual guiding light, values, and purpose.  I read this book to help me gain perspective while I navigate a potential career transition.

Eden Tol
Eden Tol
Vice President, Financial Professional

Shian’s words spoke to me on levels I didn’t know I needed to hear.  I now have language and clarity around my own purpose and how I want to manifest change in myself and in the world.  She is reshaping our world through sharing her experience and wisdom, empowering all of us to step into our personal power and be the leaders we already are.

Mae McGehee
Mae McGehee

Power Your Purpose is a compassionate guide to flourishing in an age of pandemics, climate change, and social unrest.  Shian shows us that our highest goods are not in conflict; when we honor our own inner voice and the nature that surrounds us, we align with our purpose and unite to form a better world together.  

Alyssa Luboff
Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher and Meditation Guide

Shian makes it very easy for the reader to follow along and develop an open mind (and heart) for her words to sink in. Her takeaways, practical suggestions, frameworks and guidelines allow you to get into action and turn her insights into personal game changers.

Beate Caldeway-Samaras
Beate Caldeway-Samaras
Owner and Advisor, ESG + Sustainable Finance
Shian Chuan holding Power Your Purpose in a natural setting

My Personal Story: My Gift to Us

One of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself has been making this dream come true.  Writing and publishing my own book.

This goal has been gnawing at me for years.  As leaders, we learn and we give back, and this is me giving back to my community.

To anyone who has ever felt alone, overwhelmed, or knows you’re meant to do big things in this world, this book is for you.

A Bit About My Journey

As an introverted, intuitive, empathic, and colored minority, I’ve always felt different.

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