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Hello and Welcome!

My name is Shian Chuan (全世安), which means “All World Peace” in Chinese. This name was gifted to me by my Chinese immigrant parents upon my birth in the sunny city of Los Angeles, California.

Even at a young age, I felt the desire to create a more peaceful and flourishing world and was drawn to studying anything I could get my hands on that related to the fields of business success, civic leadership, and human potential.

Since that time, this ongoing passion has led me to a series of fascinating roles within top non-profit, for-profit, public sector, and consulting firms across the globe — from Shanghai and Singapore to San Diego, New York City, and Seattle — and has equipped me with an incredibly diverse set of work/life experience that I draw upon daily in my coaching  delivery.

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The Mission

Throughout all of my experiences, I’ve found myself focusing on several key questions:

How do we bring the world closer together?

How can we as a society refocus on humanity first, allowing people and our environment to thrive as a collective?

How can we run our businesses and teams with greater compassion, learning how to inspire others, leverage our authentic selves, and influence positive change?

The Approach

In pondering these important issues, and how to address them effectively, I’ve concentrated heavily on finding the common ground that exists between all people and have learned how to blend diverse cultures, talents, and perspectives together “under one roof” in pursuit of a shared goal.

In addition, I’ve acquired a deep toolbox of coaching and assessment techniques that includes behavioral psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, holistic healing, and other modalities that have proven essential to helping me understand the power of the human mind and help unlock human potential.

The Keys To Leadership Development:

Journey from ME to We

So what makes an effective leader?  What steps do we all need to take, ourselves, to empower us to positively influence the lives of others — and our communities, as a whole?  After working with thousands of professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs, I’ve identified the essential themes and traits that separate leaders who hit a glass ceiling from the ones able to realize continued prosperity, success, and growth.

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These insights include the belief that:

Mastering your relationship with yourself improves the quality of your relationships with others.

Practicing vulnerability and empathy creates stronger connections and trust with those around you.

Calming your inner critic helps you to receive feedback constructively, with less emotional charge.

Creating space for reflection/pause calms your nervous system, allowing you to be less reactive.

Listening to others without assumptions and judgements is the backbone of healthy communication.

Understanding your purpose and strengths allows you to advocate for yourself and build your brand.

Having a clear vision for your own future enables you to inspire others to pursue their own visions/purpose.

Identifying negative behavioral triggers is essential to emotional intelligence and self-development.

Learning to become a better leader allows you to scale the impact you have on others and build a legacy.

The Way Forward: My Invitation to You

If you’re an existing or emerging leader ready to become more authetic and empowered in the workplace, and rise to the challenge of creating an open, inclusive, and collaborative environment where everyone can thrive — both individually and collectively — I stand ready to assist you in your journey.

Here are three distinct ways in which we can get started:

Read my book Power Your Purpose, A Leader’s Guide to Creating a Better Life and a Better World, as a primer for transforming your thinking, redirecting your energy, and re-engaging your passion/purpose to navigate successfully through times of change and struggle.

Partner with me as an Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant where I can help you, your team, and potentially your organization zero in on their differentiating spark — and identify the path that will lead to peak success.  In this capacity, I can provide 1:1 career coaching, leadership coaching, team facilitation, and support around culture change initiatives.

To make a broader impact through these powerful leadership concepts and new ways of thinking, I’m available as a keynote speaker for your upcoming engagements, in addition to being able to design, develop, and facilitate high-impact leader and team interventions, training workshops, and team retreats tailored to the individual needs of your organization.

I appreciate the time you’ve taken to learn a bit more about me — and invite you to contact me at your convenience if any thoughts above resonate with your current situation/goals or you have a suitable need you’d like assistance with!

Power Your Purpose by Shian Chuan


Send me a message and let’s connect!


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When I began working with Shian, my primary focus was on becoming a better leader and supporting my entire organization in addition to creating a more open, inclusive, and collaborative environment. Shian brought her own knowledge and research on psychological safety into our session, insights which enabled our organization to shape our own content in this area. She enabled us to take a big step forward in organizing a framework for our company’s DEI initiative.

Allen Cheadle, PhD

Former Director & Founder of CCHE, Kaiser Permanente

Shian led us through a process of discovery, ideation and deliverables that ensured we were being true to our values and vision, while applying coaching best-practices. As a result of working together, we now have a powerful offering to lead women from inspiration to action. She was very easy to work with, insightful and inspiring. We had to do the whole process over zoom due to the pandemic, and her great energy came through even in that format. I highly recommend working with Shian!

Rebekah Bastian

CEO & Co-founder of OwnTrail

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