One of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself has been making this dream come true. Writing and publishing my own book.

This goal has been gnawing at me for years. As leaders, we learn and we give back, and this is me giving back to my community.

To anyone who has ever felt alone, overwhelmed, or knows you’re meant to do big things in this world, this book is for you.

A Bit About My Journey

As an introverted, intuitive, empathic, and colored minority, I’ve always felt different. I never felt like I could fit in. I’d always feel the emotions of others or my own. I’d always hold my tongue in order to preserve peace. I later learned that my greatest qualities were those that put me in a place of discomfort. This allowed me to accept my differences as strengths and realize that our identities are bigger than a word or a phrase.

I knew from a young age, given the name for ALL world peace in the Chinese language (全世安) Shian Chuan, that I wanted to make this world a more peaceful and flourishing place. I was told my creative talents and emotions didn’t have a place in the traditional world of success. And so, I tried to be successful in the traditional sense—focusing on my mental capability and logic over intuition and heart in my decisions. But it left me unfulfilled.

As I learned to overcome my fears and insecurities, my own authentic path emerged when I listened to my own heart.

Significance Follows Pursuit of Our Gifts

  • As a college student I was told that I was a bad writer, and yet I’ve written this book.
  • As an introverted empath afraid of conflict and confrontation, I became an executive coach to senior leaders unafraid of telling them what they need to hear.
  • As a creative and intuitive brought up to believe that there’s no place for these “soft” attributes in the professional world, I used these strengths to help my clients trust themselves and encouraged them to reveal their true selves even if it was scary.
  • As a young girl feeling lost and insignificant like I had no special talent in the world, I became a career coach and have helped hundreds of professionals find their dream careers.

Bring Your Whole Self

You can do anything you set your mind to. The world needs all of you.

For those of you who have been told that you’re not important, not skilled enough, or simply that your voice doesn’t have a place, keep going. There is a place for all of us. We need you. We need courageous leaders who are willing to step into their vulnerabilities and authenticity for the betterment of us all. We need a more balanced world that instills hope above fear, and promotes peace and wellbeing above purely profit driven priorities that focus on output over people. This all needs to change.

This book provides a blueprint for getting ALIGN’D. My goal is to bring global systemic change to fruition through individual change starting within you/ourselves.

If this mission resonates with you and you would like more support and clarity on how to make this happen on a practical level, read this book.

Let’s create a healthy foundation for development. When we’re all more aligned, we can make better choices for our world.

Get your copy of the book HERE, available in paperback or e-book!

PS – I am so excited! This book became an international bestseller shortly after its release!  With multiple US #1 categories as well as #1 in the Netherlands and rankings in Italy!