Jenna Hanchard, former news anchor and local Seattle journalist, hired me as an Executive Career Coach because I reminded her of her potential from the first day we met. I showed her a path she never considered possible. As a result, she built a bigger dream and dared to explore opportunities that truly matched with her values, caliber and calling.
“She saw right through me and helped me investigate why I was so fearful of pursuing my dreams–including–starting this podcast. Shian will tap into your soul like no other.”
You are all IN FOR A TREAT!
Listen to our recent interview to get the inside scoop of her coaching journey. One that helped her part with her fears and self-limiting beliefs as a black woman. Even the most successful and capable leaders need and deserve support. Especially women of color who are forging paths to change and justice and sometimes forget themselves in the process. The “U in Us”. Thank you to our other guest, Daryllyn Harris, clinical counselor, for her insight on the lived experiences of African-American women. I am honored to be a part of this journey – and to present to you this final episode.
You will listen wanting more – Jenna is a talented producer, master storyteller, and an activist for social justice. It has been a pleasure collaborating with her on this episode. I look forward to your comments!