This last week has felt tense, uneasy, and unsettling. I’m finding that people are having multiple crises thrown at them at once. Some are feeling energetically heavy and weighed down by the tension and conflict in our world today.

Here are three ways to RELEASE, RELAX, and REALIGN your priorities during times of stress, transition, and change.

1) Be kind and patient with yourself and others. Read my recent article “Keeping Peace Internally During Challenging Times“. Practicing flexibility, compassion and patience are key to remaining resilient during these times. People are feeling more anxious, irritated, or unsettled than usual. People are experiencing personal, life, career and societal changes, from major delays in life plans to transitions in priorities and work.

2) If you are in the position to support, inspire, empower or even to just hold space for someone in your family or community, do it. This is your time to extend your support. What does holding space mean? Give your full presence and attention to someone without judgment. Listen with an open mind, without wanting anything back. Practice empathy and compassion by accepting someone’s truth, no matter what it is or how it sounds, and allow them to share what’s on their mind and in their heart. Holding space means to put your needs and opinions aside and to allow someone to just be themselves.

3) If you are going through difficult times, ask yourself what you really want. This will help ground any tension or anxiety you may be feeling.

Ask yourself, what is this situation asking of me? What decision do I need to make in this current moment to make things better?

Here are questions you can ask yourself to elevate the quality of your energy and thoughts. They are broken down into the four areas of your energetic engagement (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual).

  • Physical security– What will enable me to feel more stable, strong, safe? It can be your physical energy and health, your financial situation, your home environment or your living situation. They all contribute to your sense of physical strength and security.
  • Mental resilience– What do I need to focus on? What will enable me to relax, unwind and recalibrate, to step away and recharge?
  • Emotional stability – How am I feeling? Take a moment to scan your body, see how it feels. Identify where you’re holding tension or stress, and acknowledge how you’re feeling in the moment. Take a deep breath in and out in a natural and even rhythm until you can feel your body relax and release.
  • Spiritual Purpose – Are my days engaging and meaningful? Do I feel fulfilled at the end of the day? Does my job and career feel purposeful and does it allow me to make a positive difference?

If you are ready for more fulfillment and to live with more intention and focus, access my free guide to turn your questions and fears into actionable next steps.