Be gentle with yourself right now. We are going through a global health pandemic, and our country is in crisis due to racial injustice and civil unrest. We are facing escalating economic issues, global warming, and all of the other stresses we all face every day. Some of us have more than others. It feels like we are living during the armageddon – a time when the last battle between good and evil, peace and justice, light and darkness will be fought. A time when all systems that are unsustainable and imbalanced can no longer continue without being challenged and re-aligned for the benefit of us all.

We stand at the dawn of a great civilization inflection point. We stand at a crossroads. The decisions we, you, and I make in this moment are about to make history.

People are fighting for justice. Black Lives Matter is an outcry from centuries of inter-generational trauma rooted in the systemic enslavement from which our modern industrial capitalist world system has emerged. A system that has “overshot its boundaries” and needs to be reigned back in.

With all the intense energy in the air, you may be feeling stressed. You may be feeling tired and anxious. Personally, people are going through tough challenges and transitions in their careers, at home, and in their personal lives. Some are experiencing feelings of grief, tension, or concern over the well-being of those they love. You may be feeling more irritated, edgy, or emotional during this volatile time – so be gentle with yourself. Give yourself the breaks you need to retreat, relax, and to re-connect to your own inner sense of calm, joy and peace.

When the world is seemingly at war, and life seems so uncertain, we need to keep a safe space of peace, of happiness, or joy within us. We need to re-charge and to see this time in history as a turning point – for us personally, professionally and as a civil, robust, and interconnected society. Listen to your mind, body, and soul. Be kind to it and embrace what it is telling you. Choose compassion, love, and justice above all, each and every day. Show kindness and patience to yourself and others.  We are in this together, as one, to become better and more sustainable in the long run. We must and we will.