Tips to increase your resilience during Covid-19

Staying positive and keeping my vibes high becomes my number one priority every day. Why? Because when I don’t, anxiety and fear from our current pandemic creeps in.

Thoughts of my current losses, projected losses and worst-case scenarios impacting my personal and professional life get magnified to the thousandth power. I become easily irritated and engaged in negative thoughts. I start thinking about worst case scenarios.

Has this happened to you?

Though some of these negative effects may have already occurred in your life, it doesn’t have to take over your future. We can be prepared. Do our best to guard our thoughts and well-being in the process.

Three tips:

1) Protect your positivity. Give yourself time to reflect and relax. Re-connect to what feels good, what is working, and continue on that feel-good stride.

2) Be open to change and stay curious. What kind of positive change are you open to? Here are examples of how you can re-frame your thoughts to create more energy and possibility.

  • If you are worried about your business prospects, you may say, “I remain open and curious about the people I will impact through my business.”
  • If you are worried about your job stability, try saying, “I remain resilient, prepared, and ready to put my best self out there.”
  • If you are devastated by the health pandemic, perhaps go with,  “I remain connected, safe, supported, and grateful for what I have.”
  • If you would like to re-connect to your purpose and continue growing personally and professionally, try “I continue to commit time and energy towards areas that grow me and can support others.”

3) Take action towards positive change. Create healthier habits and rituals to support your new mindset. Referring to step #2’s scenarios:

  • To improve business prospects: How can you better support and connect with your audience? Who are they and what do they need now?
  • To increase your job stability/security: What can you do to stabilize your financial security or broaden job prospects? What will help to keep you resilient, prepared and resourceful?
  • To enhance your health and well-being: What will help you feel socially connected, physically safe, emotionally supported and grateful?
  • To remain motivated and productive: How can you invest in your personal or professional growth at this time?

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