I am ready for my new season and have made bold choices in the last few weeks and months to shed people, things, habits and beliefs that no longer feed a more free, loving, powerful and true me. Raise the quality of your thoughts, your company, your vibration and your actions. Let go of the things, thoughts, people that keep you feeling safe but inhibited, in control but not growing, within your comfort zone but not your potential.  Prioritize what feeds your health, spirit, creativity and purpose. We need more hope and joy in our world, especially now, and it starts with you choosing to live your version of it.

Are you ready for your next and best season yet? Are there parts of you or your life you’ve outgrown? Here is a reminder to let go of the excess thoughts, distractions and temptations to be anything but ourselves, and to focus on what really matters.


5 questions to ask yourself to help you stay clear, focused and aligned:


1) Am I faithful to myself and honoring my truth? What I seek, what I say and what I do – are they in alignment? Have integrity, your soul will thank you for it. 


2) Am I holding space for acceptance and love towards myself and others? Speak, think and act only from the highest place of service and love. Anything else will be felt and yield a different result.


3) Am I truthful and honest with myself? If today were my last day, and a fear of failure, resentment of my past, or what other’s thought of me did not matter, what does my heart say? 


4) How can I listen to my heart, and love more deeply and openly? As a member of my family, my community, and anyone I come across, can I speak and act from a place of compassion and truth, love and leadership? If not, what part of me needs healing, forgiveness or more courage to be in alignment with my more expansive and limitless self? Your soul (spirit) wants to constantly learn, grow and evolve. Allow it to.


5) How can I commit more to my dreams – to create more space, focus, and energy towards what I want, by letting go of what no longer serves me? How do I make room today for my new self, and my new future? As Albert Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”


#hardbutworthit #itistime