I help those who fearlessly give to others and need a place to refuel, refocus and recharge. I provide people the space to grow their inner light in order to sustain themselves and their purpose.

As a professional who gives to others for a living, compounded by my intuition and sensitivity as an empath, I’ve often felt drained from absorbing the energy of others or giving too much time away. While our sessions bring clients deep inquiry and transformation in their personal and professional lives, leaving them feeling lighter and more confident, relieved and more empowered, I have learned to be equally mindful of my own health and well-being, by refueling, refocusing and recharging when needed.

In the process of becoming a light for others to find their own light, from creating sacred space for others to clear their minds and emotions, and from teaching others how to be a beacon of light by growing their own internal compass, I’ve had to keep my own spiritual practice alive to stay energized and grounded for each person. I’ve learned to release my attachment to the other person’s choices and outcome, especially if I find myself more ready, eager or committed to their development than they are for themselves. I may share a new perspective, reflect back to them the in-congruence or decision that they are faced with, but it is ultimately up to them to make that decision. I can show them the path, but it’s up to them to walk it. I can show them their light, but it’s up to them to want to take that next step to act more courageously or in alignment with their authentic self.

In my experience of working with individuals with differing life paths, backgrounds and personalities, I have found a few key lessons that I would like to share:

  • People need space, psychological safety and trust to comfortably express their truth
  • Hard-wired habits only change with desire, resilience and practice
  • Current habits, beliefs and framework for success are most likely adopted by the culture you live in and the people you found or find most important to please
  • We all have a life force within us that calls to be awakened, nurtured and channeled through intentional decisions that align with our soul’s highest calling.

As an entrepreneur living my greatest calling by helping others find theirs, managing my own emotion and physical health becomes even more important than the actual work that I produce. My service and guidance is at its best when I am relaxed, recharged and my mind is clear.

I screen my emotional body of anything that is currently taking up space or hoarding negative energy and clear it in order to be present with the person or people I am working with. I am more able to empower others, when I empower myself, by not overcommitting my schedule out of obligation or guilt, and instead, intentionally define what I want, who I want to work with, while trusting and allowing the people who I am meant to serve to cross my path.

In short, our vessel calls for regular maintenance to our own energy fields in order to be operating at our best.


As you think about your own workflow, your current schedule, and daily rhythm, ask yourself:

  • Am I giving myself daily doses of energy-reviving activities?
  • Do I allow myself to go deep into reflection upon what is really bothering me, without the pressure to problem solve and force an immediate answer?
  • Can I give myself permission to explore an area or a thought, even if it brings me fear or anxiety over its outcome?

Your conscious mind will want to answer any problem you pose, but oftentimes, we need more space, silence and depth to allow for our answers to emerge, to unfold. We need time to devote to our new professional quest. We need support to nurture a new venture. We need a spiritual practice that enables us to reflect and connect to our own divinity and wisdom, daily.

Most importantly, I have learned that you must be able to keep your own flame alive before you are able to ignite others. You must be able to control your own energy levels in order to sustain yourself and your professional mission. You must recharge and reinvigorate yourself to grow your mission and purpose. In a world where we are all called to give more to others, prove more, and constantly feel the need to raise the bar, we need to be able to replenish ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually in order to endure, sustain and share our passion. When we are fueled, our creativity grows. Our ideas and vision grow. Resources start to appear. We connect back to who we really are and then we are able to be more confident in our value and place in the world.

In my practice, I am committed to creating fun, explorative and supportive spaces for creative and conscious leaders to thrive and scale.  I enable learning, self-discovery, growth and transformation.

  • I give people’s soul a voice,
  • Their personality a platform to shine,
  • Their inner child a place to play,
  • Their spirits nurturing and motivation,
  • Their inner genius channels to thrive.

For these things to happen, we need an internal understanding and recognition for:

  • Why do we do the things we do – habits, lifestyle, relationship and career decisions?
  • What is keeping us stuck from making that next big decision?
  • What does my next journey call for me to do?
  • What isn’t allowing me to move forward?
  • What part of me prefers to remain unseen and why?
  • Where am I drawn to go? To do?
  • How do I combat self-doubt or questions around my decision? (“a part of me wants to do this, but another part of me believes that I cannot or it’s not possible…”)

I help my clients improve their internal dialogue by creating a greater connection between our spirit, our self, and our energy bodies so that they are all speaking to one another and in-congruence. Unleash the above through my program:


A Leader’s Self-Mastery Intro Course:
Unleashing your soul’s light through love, energy management and focus


Areas to cover:

  • Deep inquiry into your personal and professional goals
  • Self-communication strategies to answer your most difficult questions
  • Mindfulness techniques to understand the root cause of any area where you are feeling “stuck”
  • Meditation techniques to draw on unlimited energy and resources from nature’s elements
  • Breathwork techniques to immediately lower tension, anxiety, and create more ease and flow for decision making
  • Somatic exercises to release tension and create more flow into your body
  • Confidence and authority in your voice and leadership
  • Tools to grow your trust your intuition and wisdom

Enroll Today for a free Consult:

We all have the need to sustain, heal, and grow parts of us that that we have outgrown. Parts of us that call us to step up and into our greatness. Parts of us that need attention, space and support to expand.

I will give you the space to learn, practice, share and bring your inner light to the surface. The chance to grow your own energy management practice, intuition, and a platform to bring clarity to your next step forward.

As an authentic leader yearning to make this world a better place, here is your invitation to:

Nurture your creative side.

Unleash the bold, courageous you that dares to take risks.

Unleash the inner artist and healer.

Clarify your vision.

Get support for your mission; resources to achieve your goals.

People to leverage and appreciate your gifts.

Courage to continue spreading your talent and sharing your vision.


What Shian does:

We are always either discovering or uncovering more about ourselves and our paths forward.

I help people through transformative decisions, transitions and considerations in their careers, relationships and lives.

I help people find their gifts, heal their hearts and ignite their purpose.