Have you found yourself putting off projects that you have been meaning to get done and haven’t yet? You tell yourself, “It’s long overdue! I need to stop procrastinating and just do it!” Sometimes we feel like failures because we’re not prioritizing what is most important to us. Instead, we are procrastinating and getting caught up in our daily responsibilities. Sometimes life gets so busy that the longer you wait, the more resentment you feel for not getting that one thing (or many things) done. I have a client who is the Head of Product at her company. She says how unproductive she feels because she is working on many projects, but not one thing deeply enough. She finds herself never getting through what she intended to for the day. She has to push things out to make room for others. Another client of mine is an entrepreneur who keeps putting off her long overdue book cover needed for her launch. She feels behind because she is now getting to it only MONTHS later.

You finish the day, week or month feeling unfulfilled, resentful and disappointed that you’re not where you want to be. You start counting what you should have done and what is left undone. The list feels longer and longer by the day. The burden continues to grow and your projects no longer feel exciting like they used to. Instead, they become a dread that brings you to panic. If you’re finding yourself in this situation, the secret is embodying the creative and powerful person and spirit that brought that inspiration to light. Reconnect to your original purpose behind your project rather than your inner critic that is judging you for what you have not accomplished. You had a positive intention for wanting to see your project come to fruition and you may have forgotten the bigger vision along your journey.

If that “project” or “task” no longer feels compelling or exciting to you anymore, ask yourself: 

  1. What was the ORIGINAL purpose for this project?
  2. Is it the creation process that you’d enjoy most?
  3. Would completing this project allow you to organize and clear existing things off your plate to make room for new projects or goals?
  4. Would it bring out more of your creative leadership and vision?
  5. What is the highest purpose behind completing or starting this task?
  6. Is this intention still important to me now?

Make the connection back to the ultimate creator: yourself. You ARE the genius behind all of your creation. Embrace who you are: the truth, the creator, and the master of all things in your life. These projects, like a company product launch or writing a book, are only an extension of your thoughts, ideas, vision and desire. Embrace and embody the person that is capable of achieving those things. Embrace the person who is ready to explore and dive into the next step. It is not the thing you’re waiting to create that brings you pride; you are the “thing” to be proud of. You’re the creator. You have infinite capability, possibility, and brilliance. Give yourself courage, love, compassion, and support, and it will all work for you. Invest in the vehicle for all your creation. Whether it be better organizing your life or creating a new vision for yourself or your career, everything you create will come from that brilliance. The source of all creation lies within you. You are the master of your destiny and the creator of your greatest dreams. You are the most significant ingredient to your own success. You can never fully know what you’ll accomplish by the end of your lifetime, but if you can embody the person who you are now, the rest will come and surpass what you ever thought imaginable.

Take the next step!  If you are ready to start making your projects a priority, begin by asking yourself these questions:  

  1. What is currently taking up most of my energy?
  2. What will uplift my energy level NOW? Do that to increase your energetic state.
  3. If I can commit to making more space or time for that one thing I want to accomplish, how much time can I allocate starting today? If you are feeling too exhausted, what will uplift your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual energy? Can you allow yourself to take care of your well-being, physical, mental or emotional needs FIRST?
  4. Are you finding yourself saying yes to too many things outside of your priority? What areas would you like to reduce or remove yourself from today?
  5. What is one belief or internal statement that you’re telling yourself that is taking away from your motivation? It usually starts with:

    I’m so slow.
    I’m so behind.
    I’ll never get ahead.
    I’m so tired.

  6. Write down those internal statements. Then ask yourself, what is an alternate statement that will FUEL me? What positive vision will give me the motivation, time, space, patience or endurance to strive towards my passion and goal?Live, speak, act, and embody this statement that fuels you, as if you wholeheartedly believed it. Start living that belief and ask if you are committed to taking as long as it takes to make this new resource accessible to you.