Workplace Learning Conference: Future of Learning

Association for Talent Development (Puget Sound Chapter) 2017

As this year’s Conference Chair of ATDps annual Workplace Learning Conference, in collaboration with our Conference Committee, we had a burning question:

How do you build agile leaders, teams and organizations in today’s accelerated pace and constant change within the workplace?

We launched a program to further understand the usage of agile methodologies to improve performance. We brought in  17 of the best speakers in the Pacific North West for 200 attendees to the Developing Agility in a Rapidly Changing World event.

Attendees left with tools, strategies, and solutions necessary to effectively sustain, develop, and thrive with agility from an organizational level to the individual as a learner and leader. 

We thank one of our Keynotes, Catherine Bachy on how to ground and center our leadership presence.


How do we grow our Learning and Development community? (video)


What is the Future of Learning? (video)

2015 Annual Convention

Asia Professional Speakers Association

As a member of this year’s Convention Committee, we brought together international speakers and passionate entrepreneurs to share their personal strategy and success stories as a professional speaker.We held the most successful convention yet with close to 100 in attendance at this dynamic two-day convention.



100+ energetic, passionate and global entrepreneurs coming together


The hard working Convention Committee team on stage receiving thanks from the attending participants.

2015 ST Jobs Fair

Career Coaching at Marina Bay Sands

ST Jobs Fair was Singapore’s largest job fair with close to 200 booths, providing opportunities for residents of Singapore to improve their career prospects, gain confidence on their job applications and to work with a coach on tackling bigger career challenges.



Youth Empowerment Campaign

Building Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs

As a career coach with The International Coaching Foundation, we are providing career coaching to the management team of The Halogen Foundation. Coachees include young and driven individuals passionate about youth education and entrepreneurship. Our aim is to inspire and influence a generation of young people to lead themselves and others well. We hope to give them the guidance and tools to empower their individual potential. To see more information on the goals and background of this organization, see here.