Are you a dreamer stuck between now and moving forward?

Are you naturally creative, have big ideas and a big picture kind of person?

You might know your problem but overwhelmed in how to move past it

Stuck and unmotivated
I worked with an extremely well-educated, driven and articulate Australian woman. She was proud and passionate about her work as a top performer at an American MNC but after the announcement of her company having to let her go due to restructuring, she felt humiliated, angered and the event weighed heavily upon her. This happened a second time at a separate company, this time she was let go after taking time off to take care of a family member.
This woman lost motivation and confidence in herself. She lost trust in people, felt heavy pain in her body and developed uncontrollable eating habits leading to over 15 kilos of weight gained, diabetes and was in and out of the hospital for her condition. She couldn’t imagine feeling happiness again and could only see a cloudy and dim future ahead. She started her own company but lacked confidence to promote herself.

Refocusing on the dream

We developed her goal to speak to large communities to as many as 1,000s of people, and to actively advertise her new business. I listened to her beautiful upbringing and all of the positive moments in her life. She reconnected with her natural gift for helping people. She discounted all the good in her life and dwelled on her limitations, her challenges, stopping her from living her purpose and from further developing her business. We rediscovered her joy and she gave out a heavy sigh as she told me that it’s time to reclaim her own happiness.

Letting go of blockages
She had a heavy feeling stuck in her gut that was choking her. She felt frozen, lost her voice and asked a doctor why she couldn’t speak. The exam results indicated that nothing was wrong with her, and couldn’t explain why she couldn’t speak. She pressed hard against her chest and throat as we conversed. We spoke to that blockage and it told her that she needed to speak again. She needed to sing, to yell, to speak out and to give life to her voice. This blockage melted and her beautiful voice came through.

Taking Action

She regained her confidence to speak. Her inner happiness and motivation to pursue her life dream returned. We outlined the next steps in launching her business and how she would hold large workshops for people who needed her help. She admitted that it’s time to wake up from her past, to love life again and to continue on with her life work.

This Holiday
I invite you to think about your dreams and vision, whether it be business, health or personal related. Do you have a vision or goal that feels and looks distanced and unachievable? Are you stuck in how to go about it? What help do you need to move past it? Count your blessings this holiday. Count all the positive experiences you’ve had and notice what you’d like to uncover, unlock or discover for yourself in the New Year.

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