I’ve recently been asked about my leadership training and have put together this short post for those interested in leadership development.

Whether you are leading a huge team on a seemingly catastrophic mission or just trying to climb the corporate ladder, getting there requires working with other people, and doing it well requires a leadership mentality. If you’ve left your corporate job, started your own company and severely undercapitalized, you also need a leadership mentality.

What’s the biggest reason for why people fail? They say they do not have the:

  • Money
  • Time
  • Lack of people and support
  • Technology
  • Plan
  • Education
  • Right leadership or management

Why do people fail their goals? They will say it’s because of a lack of resources. It’s this belief structure that holds them back.

Your ultimate resource are your internal resources, your emotions, your drive. It is your vision for creating a better organization, your creativity when the company is undergoing a massive budget cut, your courage to step outside of your comfort zone, your commitment to yourself, your vision and your team. If you don’t have the money, time or team support, look internally for the resources you can’t buy and develop your leadership mentality.

Here are a few quick resources to capitalize on:

  1. Knowledge – know your strengths and weaknesses and hire or work with people that complement you. Do what you are best at and delegate the rest or hire others who can do it better.
  2. Authenticity– be clear on your purpose, position and message–others will sense if you haven’t gotten your own books in order or if you’re trying to “fake it”. Be true to your values.
  3. Voice – Have impeccable communication–speak with clarity, simplicity and drive.
  4. Determination–lead by example, people will naturally follow.
  5. Patience and curiosity – Listen, observe and learn from your teammates. There’s always room for growth.
  6. Generosity – establish a culture of servitude. People will notice when you give and are generous with your time, patience or help. You’ll develop loyalty, trust and respect in the process.
  7. Perseverance – Never settle for less than what you can do, feel or give.
  8. Psychological and emotional resilience. Of what you do, 80% is psychological, 20% is mechanical. In running that marathon or getting through a life changing struggle, 80% of your output comes from your mental stamina. Your mind controls your body and performance. Manage your emotions and mind and the rest will follow.

You need nothing but your internal resources.

Need help tuning up any of the steps above? Feel free to contact me directly.