Shian Chuan Executive Coaching & Healing

Ignite Your Light

Are you ready to ignite your soul, tap into your intuition, find more fulfillment and live your purpose? Let’s start by turning fear or doubt into actionable solutions.

Ignite Your Light

Are you ready to ignite your soul, tap into your intuition, find more fulfillment and live your purpose? Let’s start by turning fear or doubt into actionable solutions.

Leadership Coaching

Develop your strengths & confidence in order to become a more effective leader.

Mindfulness Training

Restore peace, energy-flow and balance for a refreshed body, mind & spirit.

Executive Coaching

Clarify your vision, mission & goals in order to unlock true fulfillment.


You’re Successful But You Long For More…

More Impact. More Fulfillment. More Enlightenment.

You’re Successful But You Long For More…

More Impact. More Fulfillment. More Enlightenment.

You’re an accomplished professional with a “successful career,” and you know you’re meant for even more.

You’re ready to take your life to another level and to realize your next vision.

You wan’t to activate your dream or vision, share more of your gifts, create more impact.

It’s time to to scale your mission and to see this world a better place.

But first…

You need clarity, space, focus and support in stabilizing your life and resolving disruptive work and personal situations.

You want help breaking self-limiting beliefs or habits that keep you from trusting your own wisdom or intuition.

Isn’t it time to clear the mental clutter and create space for your new vision?

I’m ready to help.


Praise for Shian Chuan

After consulting with Shian, I was able to organize my thinking, put a framework together, and start working towards my goals. Each session with her helped me to discover more about myself and validated my ideas and beliefs. I eventually achieved a clearer understanding of my purpose. This process and journey could not have been attainable without Shian’s coaching.

Nimit P

Director, Microsoft

Coaching with Shian has been brilliant. She helped me to take more initiative in my life, to be able to enjoy the present and to worry less about what is coming up next. It’s allowed me to focus on my own values, increase self-awareness, reveal my strengths and clarify what I should focus on. She has helped me to remember what feels good and it’s added more enjoyment and satisfaction in my day-to-day.


Founder & Entrepreneur


Why Work With Coach Shian Chuan?

Create the Life You Want

Awaken your spirit, live your purpose and learn to fully express yourself in your career and life in a way that sets your soul on fire.

Increase Your Clarity & Confidence

Access your internal power, confidence and authenticity in order to elevate, clarify and build your dream & better serve others.

Trust Yourself & Your Intuition

Learn to turn off the noise and stop seeking validation from others by tapping into your own intuition so you can lead more authentically.

Increase Energy & Focus

You’re exhausted & too busy to pause, but know you’re on the path to burnout. Together we’ll remove distractions & noise to refocus on your higher purpose.

Find Peace & Fulfillment

Let go of old habits that keep you feeling “stuck,” reduce anxiety and create a greater connection with spirit so you can enjoy your life more.

Become a Mission-Driven Leader

Transcend physical, mental or emotional barriers that keep you from realizing your vision and create the impact you were born to make.


Coaching Services


Ignite Your Light Coaching Program

I work with 5 global leaders at a time, helping you increase your leadership effectiveness and create a personal development plan to achieve your goals. During our sessions we’ll use a combination of coaching & NLP techniques to assess where you’ve been stuck, identify blind spots and break through blocks. We’ll get to the root causes of frustrations and challenges and clarify your personal & professional mission, vision and values so you can move to forward into your purpose-driven life.

Mindfulness Training

Heal Your Life Program

If you’re feeling stressed out, burnout or feel your soul calling you into a greater purpose, energy healing can be the jumpstart you need in bringing your vision to life. During your mindfulness training sessions, we’ll awaken your life source, activate your heart and you’ll return to your true essence. You’ll smile bigger and more radiantly than you have for years – feeling lighter, jubilant, calm, connected and more relaxed – so you can bring your soul’s desires to life.


Shian Chuan, Coach & Consultant


Transformational Coaching

As a trusted advisor, mentor, and accountability partner to 1000+ executives to date, I serve as a force multiplier in helping them increase the daily impact, value, and motivation they’re able to supply to their organizations.


The $15,000+ Value Proposition

Whether it’s landing a key promotion, reducing stress-related health issues, or achieving greater day-to-day productivity, my clients average more than $15,000 return on investment.


Executive Development Specialist

I’ve worked with top leaders from Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia, Kaiser Permanente, City of Seattle, and multiple other prominent public and private-sector organizations—familiar with the challenges faced by professionals in the modern workplace and the best practices needed to navigate an immense range of leadership obstacles.


Sustainable Results, Not Band-Aids

My coaching and consulting approach focuses on applying behavioral psychology and science-based solutions to replace unproductive habits with powerful, positive new behaviors—unlocking the ability of individuals to achieve true long-term well-being, performance, and resilience in the workplace.


Amplifying the EQ Factor

Whether it involves helping managers resolve team conflicts, build positive work cultures, improve their listening skills, or develop their executive presence, I’m passionate about helping leaders cultivate the interpersonal and communication skills essential to helping them unlock the next level of their professional growth.


The Power of Systems Thinking

In partnership with HR departments and senior management teams, I specialize in helping organizations embrace new strategies for deepening their talent bench, engaging their employees, and cultivating and retaining the future workforce needed to reach their strategic objectives.


Reimagining Leadership: Critical Shifts

We are living through an era of unprecedented challenges and opportunities. What does leadership look like in an era where turbulence and disruption are the norm? How should they navigate this moment? My specialty lies around helping organizations transform themselves by fostering an evolutionary shift in the mindset and consciousness of leadership teams in order to unleash sustainable, inclusive growth.


Global Citizenship & Inclusion

Drawing upon a rich international background, I’ve served as a trusted advisor to multicultural leaders and teams throughout the globe—helping them embrace the power of diversity, build positive/inclusive team environments and foster collaborative, innovative, and thriving cultures known for outstanding performance.

Shian Chuan, Certified Executive Coach, Leadership Facilitator, and Best-Selling Author 

As a trusted advisor to numerous Fortune 500 companies, public sector agencies, and senior leaders, Shian specializes in helping organizations drive positive change, accelerate organizational growth, navigate complex transformational challenges, and “raise their game” around talent acquisition, development, and collaboration.

An intuitive and empathic facilitator, she has developed a unique mix of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, positive psychology, and behavioral change techniques to help clients zero in on their differentiating spark —assisting them in uncovering new insights and setting the ambitious milestones that will guide them on their way toward achieving peak potential.

Shian has inspired and mentored thousands of diverse professionals around how to achieve their next level of performance, in addition to the audiences she’s reached as a frequent speaker on the topics of human psychology — as well as through her book “Power Your Purpose: A Leader’s Guide to Creating a Better Life and a Better World.”  


Ignite Your Light Today!

If you’re ready to create massive change, illuminate future possibilities and fulfill your life’s mission, I’d love to help. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to learn more about how coaching can help you light up your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming)?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; Programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, NLP is learning the language of your own mind. Your mind, brain and body are intimately linked and integrated. Your mental and emotional states directly influence your physiology and behaviors through neurotransmitters. By understanding what motivates us at the deepest level, we can influence everything else.

Ask yourself: If there was one thing you could change, one habit or behavior you could break, what would it be?

  • Would you remain calm and confident during big work presentations or when asking for a promotion?
  • Be able to shake off the stress, tension and energy you absorb from others?
  • Quit procrastinating and spending too much time on what keeps you only temporarily satisfied, but unfulfilled in the long run?
  • End self-sacrificing behaviors such as “work until burnout” or always putting others’ needs before your own?

What would happen if you could control, manage or create better outcomes rather than letting them run your life? By understanding what motivates you, how your mind is programmed, and the subconscious habits that run your daily decisions, you can become more aware. You can figure out what’s working well, change what isn’t, and better create the outcomes that you want in your life.

What benefits can I expect from coaching with Shian?

You can expect to improve all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity in life.  I can help you clarify an unclear goal, remove any challenge limiting your success, and help you create your ideal personal or professional life. Some benefits clients experience:

  • Being able to connect and project your most authentic, luminous self.
  • Feeling comfortable with your own power and presence.
  • Stop comparing yourself to others or expectations that do not serve you.
  • Ability to transform self-limiting beliefs/habits
  • Capability to enhance your intuitive listening skills.
  • The deepening and broadening of your skills to reach the next level of success, purpose and commitment.
  • Claim your truth and radiate your whole self in new positions of leadership or a mission-driven venture
Where/how do sessions take place?

We will meet on Skype during the times agreed upon.

What is Energy Healing?

Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.
                                                           -Rachel Naomi Remen MD

Energy healing is used to release the feelings and life experiences that hold you back from reaching your full potential. By integrating different parts of yourself, you can uncover your deeper desires. Energy healing allows your whole body to work as a team that can support you in your journey.

Whenever a client is stuck in a recurring pattern of thought, emotion or behavior that does not serve them, we have to look deeper at the root cause. Oftentimes, they experience an internal conflict as a result of a negative emotion or fear that stems from a belief system that no longer serves them. Other times, this conflict stems from a past experience that they have not come to terms with.  When there is something in your past that has caused you pain, these unresolved negative emotions store themselves in our physical and emotional bodies and become a trigger for us. They cause unproductive thought patterns, physical reactions, and emotional anxiety. These thought patterns keep us locked in a disruptive cycle. We feel it is just “part of our personalities”.  We need to release and come to terms with these thoughts in order to make room for a healthier and freer future that is unique to our own identity and not defined by our past circumstances.

The important thing to know is that the patterns we run on can be changed. It just requires you to decide on what you want different about your current circumstances.

How do past experiences show up? Here is an example.

Subconscious Negative emotion (rooted in a past circumstance)

I am not deserving of success. I must stay in the shadows, it’s where I belong. I was punished or ignored before for speaking up, or for being myself.

Limiting Belief

I don’t deserve this opportunity. It’s bigger than what I am capable of or can achieve.

Current reality/situation

I find it difficult to ask for a promotion. I get overlooked for the work I put in. I work the hardest but get the least acknowledgement.

Our energy systems determine our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This system subconsciously affects the way we run our lives and what we believe about ourselves and the world we live in. If unresolved, we are less able to cope. We feel stressed. We feel more pessimistic about our current and future circumstances. All of which has a negative impact on our energy levels and health. I help people get to the root cause of their imbalance and clear it across multiple dimensions. At times, that may require speaking to your Spirit or your Higher Self as well as coping with your past.

After 2-3 sessions, clients experience enormous gain: Suddenly their weight loss is consistent and sustainable. Their dream job lands in their lap. Their draining work situation suddenly supports all their endeavors. Opportunities and freedom come to them in a way they have never experienced. Despite years of engrained habits, my clients become more daring, courageous and content with their new lives.

What is Shian’s methodology or process?

My 3-step guide to success:

I. Stabilize & Harmonize–Mindfulness techniques and energy management tools to increase self-awareness and the ability for self-regulation and efficacy. Resolving current personal and work situations while identifying areas that can be improved.

II. Becoming your vision– Become your ideal leader/future version of self by removing obstacles and clarifying the vision you have for yourself. Learn how to embody the person you want to become.

III. Maintain Your Soar – Solidify your foundation, make it a habit without trying, help new learned behaviors and habits become natural. Maintaining and strengthening the New You.

What do the available topics and program look like if I want to invite Shian to speak at my organization?

I help corporate, government and nonprofit leaders find and sustain success through coaching, teaching, and consulting. No two days are alike for me. Sometimes I’m working 1:1 with clients for brief coaching, or even for intense, multi-hour working sessions. Other days, I’m presenting about behavioral science to entire companies. I teach them how to harness the power of human psychology to enhance performance, boost willpower, develop resilience, and create habits that nurture their true potential.

My most-requested speaking topics are:

1. Banishing Burnout: Energy and state management for high performers
2. Unleash Your Potential: Mindset coaching for confidence and creativity
3. The Space to Succeed: Harnessing mindfulness for clarity and focus
4. Becoming an Influencer: Craft a powerful personal brand
5. Finding Your Authentic Voice: For unshakable confidence and clarity

Ignite Your Life Today!

I help global leaders take their personal growth and global success to the next level by transcending physical, mental or emotional barriers that keep them from realizing their vision. If you’re ready to ignite your soul, tap into your intuition, increase your energy, find more fulfillment and live your purpose, I’d love to discuss how I can help.

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